XRP holders buy Kelexo as Bitcoin halving nears

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XRP holders haven’t had the rub of the pitch, so to speak. XRP, after all, has been trading sideways for much of April, even as the prospect of Bitcoin halving brings optimism about an impending bull market.

Not surprisingly, XRP holders are searching for potential projects that could help fortify their portfolios.

Kelexo is one of the projects that XRP holders are training their sights on ahead of the next bull run, and they are buying up a good portion of the Kelexo presale token allocation as the latter enters stage 2.

Thus far, Kelexo has already raised $1 million early on, with industry observers predicting a potential 5000% gain for the decentralized lending protocol in 2024. That makes its current price of just $0.05 per Kelexo token an ideal entry point for prospective investors.

XRP prices continue to trade sideways

There’s no question that XRP, better known by its native token XRP, has consistently been the top laggard among the big-cap cryptocurrencies. By all objective metrics, XRP has underperformed compared to its other counterparts, leaving holders in a bind and losing out due to opportunity cost. As of press time, XRP was trading at $0.61, continuing to trade within its usual ranges, with no end in sight as to when the crabbing will stop.

XRP: dead chain, much?

XRP issuer Ripple Labs is still embroiled in a legal mess with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which has firmly suppressed Ripple (XRP) prices in the worst way.

Should XRP lose its federal case, it could be curtains for any hope of XRP remaining a relevant cryptocurrency now that Forbes just called it a “dead chain.” Not surprisingly, XRP holders are fast scrambling to get in on promising projects like Kelexo before the music stops.

Kelexo presale takes off in stage 2 with $1M capital infusion

In 2024, the smart money isn’t betting on projects that already mooned in 2021 and now sport billion-dollar market caps. Instead, the capital is flowing into newer, more innovative projects that haven’t had the good fortune of being around during a bull cycle.

That’s exactly the reason why XRP holders are ditching their heavy bags and betting on promising projects like Kelexo, which is building the first-ever decentralized peer-to-peer lending marketplace set to take the crown from lending protocols like Aave and Compound, which have failed to gain serious mass adoption in recent years.

Kelexo takes the concept of decentralized crypto lending further by simplifying the process for prospective borrowers and lenders with its familiar, accessible marketplace format.

Think of it as an “eBay” for borrowers and lenders, where either party could easily list and avail of loans by getting on the platform and searching for the deal that best suits their financial needs.

That’s it. No KYC, hidden fees, intermediaries, and long processing times. By removing the hurdles to crypto lending, particularly the steep learning curve required to avail of such loans, Kelexo and its native token Kelexo are poised for mass adoption by scores of new DeFi and Web3 users expected to arrive when the bull market does in 2025.

To learn more about this project, visit the Kelexo presale website.

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