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Where to buy Haven Protocol: XHV surges 3x this week


Haven Protocol, a synthetic asset ledger built on Monero, has managed to rally by 3x this week. Read on to find out where to get your hands on XHV tokens.

Privacy has always been a key issue for crypto enthusiasts, but has perhaps leapfrogged a couple of rungs up the priority lists of investors in recent years. Encroachments on our right to privacy and a developing surveillance apparatus incorporating both state and private actors have given the public cause for concern, and this worry has spread into the realm of finance, too.

Haven Protocol seeks to provide a way out of the current system for asset holders who value their financial privacy above all else. Find out where to buy XHV in this article.

How & where to buy Haven Protocol in the UK and elsewhere

Haven Protocol has been around since 2018 and is available to buy and trade on many of the top cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers. Create a free account with one of our selected partners below, then deposit funds into your account. Once your deposit is reflected in your account balance, you can begin trading the top cryptocurrencies.


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What is Haven Protocol?

Haven Protocol is built on Monero, the most popular and technically advanced privacy-focused blockchain. Monero incorporates the base layer security of proof-of-work consensus, as well as next-gen cryptography primitives that allow for transactions that are both fully secure and fully private.

Building on this base layer, Haven allows users to swap real-world currencies and assets, such as US dollars and even commodities, for synthetic versions of these assets that are stored on the blockchain. Here, they are held securely and made private, providing defence against seizure by the state or other actors.

USD holdings can be converted into xUSD, which is a synthetic stablecoin pegged to the value of the dollar. xUSD essentially turns normal dollars into private, untraceable, censorship-resistant dollars.

Given the global financial authorities’ increasingly egregious violations of individuals’ financial freedoms and their incessant drive to suppress cryptocurrencies, Haven’s use case is being proven more and more strongly every day.

Should I buy Haven Protocol today?

Currently priced at around $9, XHV has increased by around 3x this week, from lows of around $3. This price rise could yet continue, especially given the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s bans of Binance and the ongoing crypto crackdown in China.

Events of this nature generate uncertainty around the safety of individuals’ assets, and this could very well be the reason Haven is rallying now. With this trend likely to continue as cryptocurrencies gain more ground, XHV could certainly be a ‘buy’ right now.

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