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VeChain CEO on what the project is offering all levels of developers

  • VeChain CEO Sunny Lu has in a series of tweets shared the different kinds of developers that can use VeChain and the benefits they can enjoy.
  • Despite a ruthless crackdown of cryptocurrencies in China, VeChain has already been identified as a darling in China, collaborating with governments on different projects.

VeChain CEO Sunny Lu has in a series of tweets highlighted what the platform offers to the different level of “developers.” From his notes, there were four levels- Level 0: Public blockchain, Level 1: VeChain BaaS, Level 2: VeChain PaaS, Level 3: SaaS. The four levels encompass all degrees of expertise, from the most advanced developers to businesses with little to no knowledge of technical development.

According to the CEO, with Level 0, developers enjoy ‘cool’ features such as MPP, MTT, Controllable TXs Lifecycle, TXs Dependency and many more. This particular level is open source for any participants.

With Level 1, “VeChain BaaS – Enterprise-level developers and professional team who can keep blockchain work as a service but just use it with dedicated APIs. You can choose existing smart contract or ask for dedicated one for you only.”

Level 2 is for developers with a focus on front end business logic and look forward to having a low-code development environment using blockchain. As such it lowers cost and saves time.

Level 3 is for novices, and in particular, businesses looking to capitalize on blockchain but lack any knowledge of its development.

With such different levels of developers, it ensures that VeChain can target a wide array of clients and continue to expand its use cases.

VeChain has in recent weeks enjoyed massive success in China with the government all but endorsing the project. In recent weeks, local governments in China have employed tools in the project. More recently, Suzhou City launched the “Changan Code” based on “Field Security code” that is built on VeChain ToolChain. Covering more than 300,000 local residents, the project has received extensive adoption.

VeChain PoA upgrade on the horizon

The VeChain community is however currently more enthusiastic about the proof of authority (PoA) 2.0 upgrade. In a recent AMA, the CEO stated the benefits of PoA, adding that it would give VeChain an edge over other blockchains.

POA 2.0 is one of the critical elements to make “million a day” happen for sure. It is going to give VeChainThor an edge on other public blockchain platforms in the race of mass adoption.

In the last 24 hours, VeChain’s native token VET has gained more than 5 percent to climb above $0.077. The digital asset is enjoying a wider positive market move after weeks of downfall from which it has lost more than 70 percent of its value from the $0.27 all-time high.


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