Spider-Man Star Tom Holland’s Twitter Account Hacked in Crypto Scheme

No, Tom Holland doesn’t want you to invest in Spider-Verse crypto.

If you see Spider-Man star Tom Holland trying to get you to join a cryptocurrency or NFT program on social media, please don’t click the link. The beloved young actor has likely been hacked in some kind of crypto scam, trying to peddle a Spider-Verse-themed currency and series of NFTs. Holland doesn’t use social media often, and he’s never been known to push things like crypto on fans. When you look at the signs around the tweets, it all points to Holland being hacked.

Fortunately, it looks as though the initial tweet asking for participation has been taken down.

First of all, only Holland’s X account shared the initial link to the Spider-Verse NFT group. If it was something he was really invested in he likely would have shared it to his Instagram page as well. There’s also the fact that the tweet tags the official Binance account and claims to be promoting the NFTs alongside the company, but the Binance account has shared nothing in regards to the program. If your company is partnering with someone as big as Tom Holland, you’re going to be sharing it on your own pages as well.

(Photo: X/Twitter)

Whoever hacked Holland’s account with the NFT scheme also changed his bio to include the link to the app (again, do not click on it). They started in with a troll post after the initial crypto request. The account shared a photo of some guy upside-down, with a message asking followers if they’d kiss him “while i hang from my web,” alluding to the famous kiss from the original Spider-Man movie.

These crypto hacks have happened to celebrity Twitter accounts on several occasions. They’re more prominent amongst celebs who don’t often post on the site. Prior to the hack on Tuesday, Holland hadn’t shared anything on X/Twitter since summer 2023. Issues like this have happened more frequently over the last couple of years, since the social media site’s ownership changed and security was downgraded in major ways.

Just one more warning before you go. Please don’t click on those links if you see them. Tom Holland doesn’t want your money and he isn’t trying to sell you NFTs.

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