Pillar Releases V2 of the First Community-Run Multichain Wallet That Cuts Gas Fees by 99%


Pillar’s webinar launch event, “Will DeFi Cross the Chasm?” takes place on June 30th at 6pm CET! Speakers include Pillar CEO Michael Messele and CCO Aldin Ademović, together with industry leaders and partners.

About Pillar

Pillar is an open-source project and community-run crypto wallet that makes DeFi markets accessible, affordable, and easier to navigate.

It’s the first multichain DeFi wallet to be governed by users: PLR token holders can join the community DAO and take part in product development, project roadmapping, partnerships, funding marketing initiatives, and more.

Powered by its native Etherspot, Pillar’s crypto wallet caters to users of Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains, and puts community first by empowering users with information.

*Pillar V2 launches today with many exciting new features and benefits and users are encouraged to download V2 and join our Discord community. Download Pillar for Android or iPhone today!

To learn more about how Pillar plans to create a seamless DeFi experience for users, and to sign up for the webinar, visit the website here

Follow Pillar on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PillarWallet
Read Pillar documentation on Github: https://github.com/pillarwallet

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