ORDI and Polkadot See Renewed Interest; Borroe Finance Poised for Breakout with Unique DeFi Proposition

ordi and polkadot see renewed interest; borroe finance poised for breakout with unique defi proposition

Ordi (ORDI) emerged as one of the best crypto investments in Q4 2023 after successfully listing on Binance. Interestingly, Binance has decided to expand ORDI’s trading scope. On the other hand, Polkadot (DOT) released an AI chatbot to aid its ecosystem education. Meanwhile, Borroe Finance ($ROE) plans to decentralize web3 fundraising in 2024. Keep reading to see what experts are saying about these tokens.  

Binance Plans to List ORDI Perpetual Contract Option

Recently, Binance (one of the world’s best cryptocurrency exchanges) announced plans to introduce USDC-margined ORDI perpetual Contract to its Binance Futures platform. As of 07:00 (UTC) on February 22, ORDI investors can trade ORDI/USDC PERP with up to 75x leverage. ORDI investors will also enjoy the standard 10% discount on USD-margined future contracts until it closes on April 3.

Despite this positive ecosystem development, ORDI recorded a minor price dip in the third week of February. On February 13, ORDI traded for $70.43. A week later, ORDI lost 2.64% and traded for $68.76. 

According to crypto analysts, BTC forks and associated tokens like BCH, BSV, and ORDI will record massive price surges in April after Bitcoin implements its four-year halving. In summary, experts predict that ORDI will trade for $85.50 by June.

Polkadot Incorporates AI into Customer Service

Earlier this year, Polkadot launched a new service called PolkaBotAI. PolkaBotAI is an innovative AI-powered education textbot for the Polkadot ecosystem, and it was built on NeuroWeb AI and OriginTrail. As a Polkadot investor or blockchain developer, you can ask PolkaBotAI anything about the Polkadot network and get immediate answers. According to experts, this easy access to customer service will attract more investors to Polkadot.

This prediction happened in the third week of February when DOT recorded a price surge. On February 13, DOT traded for $7.37. Seven days later, DOT gained 5.06% and traded for $7.77. As one of the best altcoins in the crypto industry, experts predict that DOT will surge along with other cryptos after the upcoming BTC halving in April. Therefore, analysts believe DOT will hit $10.50 before the end of this year.   

$ROE Fourth Presale Stage Crosses 90% in Mid-February

One way to determine if a crypto project will yield high ROI is by studying its success/failure in its early stages. So far, Borroe Finance has surpassed expectations, and the platform has raised over $2.9 million in four presale stages. 

For context, Borroe Finance is an AI-powered fundraising marketplace built to allow web3 businesses to raise instant cash by selling future earnings to supportive communities at discounted prices.

$ROE’s fourth presale stage is 90% complete, and the token is selling for $0.019. At the end of all presale stages, $ROE will list the best crypto exchanges and trade for $0.040. According to crypto analysts, this bullish $ROE price movement will result in a massive 110.5% ROI for early Borroe Finance investors. 

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