Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Tuesday, April 16 – Fantom, Pepe, MX Token

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Since the last update on the next cryptocurrency to explodethe crypto market has lost over 5% market cap. Also, many crypto tokens have been forced to shed a significant portion of their prices. Currently, Bitcoin is trading near the $62 level, and many traders fear the possibility of further price drops.

Unfortunately, many crypto tokens would lose significant price margins if the crypto market cap drops below its current price range. However, the overall outlook of the crypto market offers substantial opportunity to investors sidelined by the bull run. Below is a quick overview of the top performance

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

The widening gap between risk to reward ratio has forced investors to favor presale cryptocurrencies over legacy assets. Hence, projects like the 99Bitcoins are witnessing a stellar influx of funds with their token offering. Within days of the presale offering, the 99BTC has amassed over $350k in investment. Today’s post surveys the project and details its presale offering.

1. Phantom price (FTM)

Fantom maintains its status as one of the rankings in the DeFi sector due to its unique consensus algorithm. Today, The token’s ecosystem tops the category with the highest intraday gain.

However, FTM has lost over 6% of its price in the last 24 hours due to the bearish trends in the crypto market. The pressure from the bears has forced a price decline, with an overall loss of 27% in the last seven days.

ftm price chart ftm price chart

Notwithstanding, FTM holders may have a breakout in the coming weeks due to the recently announced Gas Monetization program. The concept offers to distribute gas fees as a bonus to projects in the ecosystem that generate the highest gas fees.

According to its Twitter update, Fantom Foundation will set aside 85,000 FTM quarterly. The platform believes dApps generate most of its ecosystem’s engagement and use cases.

The canonical stablecoin project is another emerging initiative on the platform that will increase the future value of FTM. News from the Phantom reveals that the stablecoin, USDC.e, aims to ensure liquidity availability for DEXs on the FTM platform.

Consequently, Fantom would likely see more use cases in the future. Already, projects are taking steps towards securing the first movers’ advantage. The return of the bull market would likely give FTM the fuel it needs to take the next leg up.

2. Pepper (PEPE)

The news of Pepe’s Coinbase perpetual features listing caused a spike in the price of PEPE a few days back. Usually, crypto token listing often results in a significant price pump, and for a popular cryptocurrency like PEPE, the price is expected to go through the roof. However, there has been over 40% decline in the price of PEPE in the last 48 hours due to the bearish sentiment in the crypto market.

Despite the significant price reversal, technical analysis of the PEPE chart suggests a potential price reversal. At press time, PEPE’s RSI (14) on the daily time frame shows that its price is getting closer to the oversold range.

pepe price chart pepe price chart

Also, the chart pattern on the daily time frame indicates that investors would likely see an apparent spike to the upside in the days preceding the Coinbase perpetual listing. The perpetual Futures listing date is earmarked for the 18th of April. However, the listing is intended for the Coinbase International,

The chance of a PEPE price spike in the coming days is relatively high. However, historical data from the crypto market shows that Perpetual listing may not always result in a price spike. Hence, managing risks effectively and conducting a detailed entry analysis is best, especially for investors looking to take a short-term strategy. On the other hand, PEPE can earn higher returns from its PEPE listing and the lineup of events in the market for the quarter.

3. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

The crypto industry has seen several revolutionary initiatives in recent times. However, 99Bitcoins just raised the bar with the Learn-to-Earn project. 99Bitcoins offers dual benefits to the crypto community. For one, it teaches users all they need to know about cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. Also, it rewards them for doing so.

It is believed that people learn better when rewarded for acquiring new knowledge. Hence, the 99Bitcoin opportunity is the best chance for anyone sidelined from the crypto boom due to a lack of in-depth understanding of the industry and technology.

At press time, the project offers the chance to own the 99BTC token at a discount. Interestingly, 99BTC is built on the emerging BRC-20 network, which has the potential to become one of the leading narratives of the coming years.

Furthermore, the 99BTC price at presale is $0.00101, which means that investors can acquire the token as a fraction of the actual worth. Sadly, the chance to buy at that price means urgency is built into the presale offering.

The world may now be on the brink of seeing a dramatic change in how people approach learning and knowledge acquisition. 99BTC is taking a bold step by pioneering the decentralized implementation of reward-based learning. The details of the project are available on its presale page.

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4. MX Token (MX)

MX token remains one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in the market in the past three quarters. It has recorded over 150% price increase since the start of the bear market. Surprisingly, MX has only sustained marginal loss since the market kicked into bearish trends in the second week of the quarter.

Across the board, cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, have shed a large part of the gains amassed in the bull market, while the MX token has managed to turn a 5% profit in the last seven days.

Generally, MX is one of the exchange tokens to watch in this bull market as it has shown immense potential against bear dominance. It has successfully maintained its bullish trends even though the market trends otherwise.

mx price chart mx price chart

Analysis of the MX chart reveals bullish MACD trends and MA values. Also, the 200-day EMA value remains marginally below its current price, which indicates that MX still has the chance to sustain further bullish momentum despite the market downturn.

Generally, The growing use cases of MX’s exchange platform, MEXC, contribute to its increasing value. Several projects launched in the bull market often debut on the MEXC platform, dramatically increasing its use cases. As the crypto returns to a more favorable market, MX would likely record further gains.

However, in the meantime, the token’s RSI readings are significantly close to the oversold range, and its trading volume is comparatively lower in the last 24 hours. The data signals sell pressure, which likely pushes the price downwards. Investors looking at the assets should consider the potential reversal when making decisions.

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