GTC gains 40%: where to buy Gitcoin today


Gitcoin (GTC) has more than doubled from its weekly low. Here’s all you need to know about where to buy GTC.

GTC, the newly-launched governance token of the Gitcoin DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), is up by 40% in 24 hours, building on earlier gains from the last couple of days.

With a 24-hour high of $8.56, GTC has managed almost a two-fold increase from its weekly low of $4.70.

We will present you with the best place to buy Gitcoin in this article, as well as a run-through of the key details of the project and even a price prediction.

How & where to buy Gitcoin in the UK and elsewhere

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What is Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is an open-source organisation of coders, builders, creators, and technology enthusiasts dedicated to building the next generation of open web applications. As Web 3.0 grows, Gitcoin gives out crowdfunded and community-directed grants to the top new open web projects.

As of June this year, Gitcoin has generated funding of over $20 million for various open-source projects, with 160,000 developers across 1,600 projects benefiting from Gitcoin’s vision for a better Web 3.0.

Should I buy Gitcoin today?

As Web 3.0 becomes a bigger part of our everyday lives, there will be more and more attention directed towards projects that build on this protocol layer, and Gitcoin’s mission will become ever more relevant. GTC tokens allow holders to participate in the governance of Gitcoin, and this could very well become highly desirable.

Gitcoin’s bearish price action seems to be over now, with the price stabilising at a potential bottom this week and rallying thereafter. This presents a potential opportunity to “buy the dip” in the anticipation of a bullish second half of the year for GTC.

GTC price prediction

GTC is currently changing hands at just under $8. While this price surge has been substantive, Gitcoin’s native token is still way off its previous highs, having rallied to over $0.17 earlier this month.

GTC’s current price action closely resembles a fractal of its price movements from earlier in June, which preceded highs of $0.10 and then $0.17. Short-term, then, $0.10 seems like a very reasonable target, with a new all-time high above $0.17 on the cards if momentum continues to build.

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