Fezoo Exchange presale gains popularity with EOS, Wrapped Bitcoin investors

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Investors from EOS and Wrapped Bitcoin sectors are turning to Fezoo Exchange’s presale, drawn by its promising prospects amid a bearish market.

As Fezoo’s popularity continues to soar, the cryptocurrency exchange platform keeps seeing an influx of investors. Investors in projects like EOS and Wrapped Bitcoin, who have endured a bearish market, are also tuning in. Apart from diversifying their portfolios, its presale’s return prospects have also led to a surge in interest.

Experts fear a selloff as EOS volatility sends bearish signal

EOS has been hovering around the critical point of $0.700 for a while. This has made experts wonder if its current selloff will continue. While some analysts say that a rebound is possible, EOS has not shown convincing movements. Its first crucial support level was $0.800. Currently, EOS trades at $0.8089 per unit having declined 2.1% in the last 24 hours.

Apart from this, its volatility has also spurred an aggressive selling trend, as seen from its bearish candlesticks. Crypto experts say the downward movement may continue for several reasons. First is the negative sentiment surrounding the coin, which may increase the selling pressure. Another reason is its 23.6% Fibonacci zone, which the EOS has breached, combined with its oversold RSI levels.

Wrapped Bitcoin: Bitcoin in an Ethereum ecosystem

Wrapped Bitcoin is another leading decentralized finance initiative. Its solution, which bridges Bitcoin’s liquidity and Ethereum’s defi framework, has attracted the attention of many. Instead of the Bitcoin blockchain, Wrapped Bitcoin operates as an ERC-20 token. Apart from being priced at Bitcoin’s price, experts are also interested in its utility in the ecosystem.

As its value remains pegged to Bitcoin’s at all times, its price has seen similar ups and downs over the weeks. In the last seven days, Wrapped Bitcoin has fluctuated between $71k and $61k. It has had only a 1.4% increase within that period, which points toward a downtrend movement. However, the opposite may take place as the market awaits the effects of the latest Bitcoin halving.

Investors foresee return prospects on Fezoo Exchange presale

EOS and Wrapped Bitcoin investors are known for their interest in defi advancement projects. However, these projects have shown some level of uncertainty. Therefore, their investors have started considering projects like Fezoo with promising returns.

As a decentralized exchange, Fezoo will offer trading fees significantly lower than centralized exchanges. It will also launch with trading bots that can copy trades for users.

The Fezoo presale is in its stage one and is currently ongoing for $0.013. Investors predict 20x returns for many reasons. First, it has a huge potential to become a blue-chip crypto. Secondly, it offers a generous revenue-sharing system.

All presale investors will get a share from the 50% allocated for revenue sharing. Apart from this, it will also feature a swap service with no cost to users.

To learn more about Fezoo, visit the website.

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