Experts eye Milei Moneda presale amid anticipated SOL, BNB surge

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Amid fluctuating markets, Milei Moneda gains traction in its presale, while Solana and Binance Coin seek recovery from recent downturns.

Milei Moneda has captured the hearts of investors with its ongoing presale. Tagged the leading cryptocurrency to invest in, investors are capitalizing on MEDA’s potential to enjoy massive gains. Elsewhere, SOL and BNB have been on a downward trajectory and hope to bounce back soon.

Milei Moneda set to offer huge returns

Milei Moneda is a prominent and well-established project in the memecoin market. As one of the trending memecoin projects, MEDA stands out for its unique approach toward transforming the meme coin landscape.

Despite the challenges in the crypto market, Milei Moneda’s resilience is attributed to its strong community and active social presence on platforms like Twitter and Discord.

Some benefits of investing in MEDA include voting rights, access to discounts, trending NFTs, NFT staking rewards, and monthly giveaways. Operating on the Ethereum network, MEDA has features like 0% taxes, locked liquidity, and huge marketing budgets.

Milei Moneda provides a compelling investment choice for investors who want to gain from the memecoin market.

Presently, in Stage 2 of its presale, the price of $MEDA is $0.0125. This poses a 60% ROI for investors in the current presale stage. Milei Moneda plans to launch on major exchanges at $0.020, and experts say it will rise by 15x or even more following the launch.

Solana could recover after the Bitcoin Halving

The crypto market is painting the charts red, and this also holds for the Solana (SOL) price. Having seen 15 green days over the last 30 days, SOL witnessed a dip of 31.55%. The past week hasn’t been great either for the “Ethereum killer” token, which experienced a nosedive in price by more than 19%.

Furthermore, Solana’s (SOL) current price was significantly lower (47.7%) than its ATH value of $260.06 on November 7, 2021. This indicates a bearish trend, which could be of concern to traders. As the crypto community anticipates the effects of the Bitcoin halving, they wonder, will the SOL price recover?

Despite these downturns, SOL is still one of the top crypto coins in the market. Its new update, version 1.17.31, will benefit the Solana community and likely impact the SOL price.

Through the use of stake-weighted quality of service (SWQOS), the system prioritizes transactions from validations with stakes to improve the network’s reliability and performance by solving congestion issues. This will, in turn, improve user experience and facilitate more engagement in the Solana network.

BNB dips 8.6% in a week

The crypto market witnessed a positive start in Q1 2024, with numerous cryptocurrencies, including Binance Coin, experiencing massive gains.

BNB Chain’s Q1 report revealed blockchain’s impressive performance across different aspects. Data showed that the performance of the BNB chain during Q1 highlighted a considerable growth rate of over 70% in the blockchain’s income compared to its value in the previous quarter.

In the first week of April, Binance Coin (BNB) lost 5.8% of its value. Though it rose 3.08% on the monthly chart, its price dipped by 8.6% over the past week by 8.6%.

However, experts believe Binance Coin remains one of the leading cryptos to invest in and predict the BNB price will reach $700 by Q3 2024. This bullish prediction is linked to the forthcoming Binance upgrades and the Bitcoin halving, which should propel BNB’s value.

To learn more, visit the Milei Moneda website or reach out on Telegram.

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