eTukTuk presale reaches $3m as demand For eco-friendly tokens surges

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The crypto world’s appetite for sustainable projects is growing, as evidenced by the remarkable presale performance of eTukTuk (TUK).

This new eco-friendly initiative to electrify tuk-tuk transportation has raised a staggering $3 million from investors ahead of its open market debut later this year.

eTukTuk begins the sustainable mobility revolution

eTukTuk is more than just another crypto project – it’s a sustainable transportation revolution in the making.

Imagine an eco-friendly overhaul of those iconic tuk-tuks that are seen zipping around major cities like Bangkok.

That’s precisely what eTukTuk aims to achieve by replacing outdated fleets with modern electric vehicles. But eTukTuk’s team isn’t just swapping out engines.

According to the whitepaperthey are also creating an entire ecosystem centered around these eTukTuks – complete with solar-powered charging stations, an AI-driven mobility platform, and even plans for a play-to-earn (P2E) game.

It’s a glimpse into the future of urban transport that’s clean, affordable, and fun.

By leveraging blockchain tech through its native TUK token, eTukTuk is paving the way for a self-sustaining mobility solution with limitless potential.

This project is another example of crypto’s power to enact positive real-world change, from crowdsourced charging networks to tokenized incentives for eco-friendly driving.

With such an ambitious vision, it’s no surprise investors have been scrambling to acquire TUK tokens while they can.

TUK presale turns heads

eTukTuk’s vision has struck a chord with investors seeking “green” crypto projects.

The platform’s ongoing presale for TUK has been an instant success, having already raised over $3 million from eager investors.

Priced at just $0.03 during this early investment window, TUK represents a chance to get involved in the eTukTuk project in its early stages.

The developers have made it easy to purchase tokens – buyers can pay with major cryptos like BNB or USDT or even use a standard credit/debit card.

While $3 million is already an impressive milestone, the presale’s momentum shows no signs of slowing.

eTukTuk’s team has set an ambitious $10.7 million hard cap target to be reached across 26 stages.

As the presale progresses through each stage, the price per TUK will gradually increase in a rising price model common in crypto fundraising events.

Once the presale wraps up, eTukTuk’s team has set their sights on getting TUK listed on both DEXs and CEXs.

The hope is that this will open the floodgates for even more sustainability-focused investors to buy TUK.

And given the explosive demand witnessed so far, this exchange debut could be the catalyst that sends the TUK token’s price soaring.

Staking, audits, & influencer hype supercharge eTukTuk’s growth

As if the wildly successful presale wasn’t enough, eTukTuk is firing on all cylinders with a host of other exciting developments.

For starters, the project has rolled out a staking protocol that allows TUK holders to earn 90% annual yields on their tokens.

Additionally, eTukTuk has also passed a security audit by the respected blockchain analysts at Coinsult.

This independent stamp of approval provides peace of mind that the project’s infrastructure is sound and ready for mainstream adoption.

The buzz around eTukTuk is also growing on social media.

On Twitter alone, the official eTukTuk account has reached over 44,000 followers.

That grassroots growth is another sign of the immense demand for eTukTuk’s sustainability-focused ecosystem.

eTukTuk has even received coverage from some of the biggest influencers and YouTubers in the space, boosting the project’s credibility even further.

For example, Franklin Emmanuel recently uploaded a video on eTukTuk, citing the “massive passive income” that the project offers.

From the enormous presale totals to the high staking rewards, eTukTuk is checking all the boxes as a new eco-friendly crypto project destined for success.

As it continues paving the way towards emission-free transport, TUK could become a long-term investment with real-world impact.

To learn more about this project, visit the eTukTuk presale website

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