E-commerce evolves: PUSHD triggers AVAX and LINK interest

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Investors anticipate market transformation as Pushd (PUSHD) emerges as a decentralized online marketplace, backed by Avalanche (AVAX) scalability and Chainlink (LINK) connectivity.

Avalanche is a very powerful scaling solution on Ethereum (ETH), Avalanche is able to pull off over 6,500 transactions per second while maintaining scalability.

Avalanche can do this because it has three individual blockchains powering it. Chainlink is a great crypto abstraction layer, Chainlink is used to make the decentralized world a little more connected.

Chainlink can connect projects to external data fees, events, etc. Pushd is a decentralized online marketplace that is set to launch soon.

Pushd is now in its sixth presale stage after breezing through its fifth presale stage. It is now selling for $0.125 and investors are making their way to invest in Pushd.

Avalanche holders see the potential of Pushd

Avalanche has some great numbers. Avalanche holders are quite proud of themselves that they chose such a great project to invest in. In just a week, Avalanche has seen its market value increase by 31%, and in a month, It has grown by over 50%.

These are fantastic numbers and Avalanche holders should be proud. But just as they picked well with Avalanche, they have decided to pick Pushd.

Investors of Chainlink are looking to get into Pushd

Looking at the market charts, it is understandable that Chainlink investors have decided to leave Chainlink for Pushd.

Chainlink has spent almost the whole week in the red, Chainlink has now lost 12% of its value in a week and 4% in a month.

Pushd is still going strong

Pushd is a decentralized online buying and selling platform that will launch soon. The project has been in the limelight because of its presale run, during which Pushd sold out presale stage after presale stage.

It is now in its sixth presale stage. Investors are popping up from every direction to participate, and Pushd is welcoming them with open arms.

Pushd investors are confident in their investment, with Pushd currently passing its audit and liquidity locked for life.

Pushd holders will get priority support, insider updates, cheaper tokens, etc. But one of the most interesting benefits is that Pushd presale holders will earn a percentage of all profits Pushd makes on transaction fees.

Users of Pushd are not left out, they will have one of the fastest withdrawals and deposits. They will also benefit from a privacy policy; Pushd users do not have to give any identification or KYC information.

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