DeeStream presale sparks interest among ICON & Cardano traders as Ether struggles

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Ecosystem coins and tokens enjoy significant hype, especially when they host liquidity events, new tokens, or NFT mints.

ICON and Cardano had this ambition in common – both platforms wanted to displace Ethereum and build a better network. With Ethereum hovering just above $3,000, investors are seeking more focused business models, switching to the stage 2 presale of the DeeStream game streaming hub.

ICON struggles to attract Web3 projects

The goal of ICON was to create a platform for creating cross-chain apps. However, with the abundance of builders on Ethereum, this ambition is not materializing. Unfortunately, ICON is also not represented on Coinbase and has a relatively low profile.

The ICON token is ranked at 249 based on its market cap and suffers from low visibility. For that reason, ICON aims to rely on its loyal community while also trying to maintain a social media presence. ICON also trades near its lower range of around $0.23 per token.

ICON also tried to introduce tokenized real-world assets, a niche idea with low viability. The need for regulation and oversight hampered the efforts to host a new class of tokens on the ICON blockchain.

Cardano presents a robust, spam-free network

The Cardano network handled 25M transactions in the past year and gathered $10M in fees. Cardano can theoretically handle up to 1,000 transactions per minute and is comparatively spam-proof compared to Solana.

The spam-free feature ranks Cardano as one of the most decentralized networks, which makes it extremely expensive to overfill with repeating spam transactions. Cardano is thus trying to gain ground as the potential hub for high-activity projects, such as DEX trading, games, NFT markets, and more.

Cardano is also growing a decentralized ecosystem of apps, including lending, metrics, new types of tokens, and blockchain-based social networks. Cardano remains relatively stagnant, trading at $0.45 after the market-wide correction.

DeeStream taps power of sponsoring content

DeeStream offers an even more focused business model than ICON and Cardano. The DeeStream platform will focus on streamers’ and viewers’ easy experience. DeeStream tokens will become the tool for micropayments, making streamers stand out as stars.

DeeStream users will have full control of their wallets, and all transactions on the platform will be reversible and refundable. Owning the tokens will allow anyone to support their favorite streamer and vote on new rules and developments for the future of DeeStream.

The stage 2 presale is a low entry point with a price of only $0.055 and a more significant upside than established tokens.

The DeeStream hub will only create 300M tokens to serve for utility, staking, and micropayments. Additionally, the team’s allocation will remain locked for 1,000 days. DeeStream aims to turn its asset into a high-utility, valuable token with blue-chip potential.

To learn more about this project, visit the DeeStream presale website

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