Anonymous hacker group creates its token to fight Elon Musk and China

  • The anonymous hacker group has predicted that the current Bitcoin struggle will come to an end soon.
  • They have introduced “Anon Inu” token to wage war against China and Elon Musk.

The recent crypto environment has raised a lot of concerns to investors, especially with the rising regulatory challenges. Anonymous, a decentralized international hacker group known for its high profile cyber attacks on governments, corporations e.t.c has predicted that Bitcoin will bounce back. 

In their recent video, they mentioned the ongoing crackdowns in China and explained that it is a deliberate act of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government to get rid of competing currencies of its digital Yuan. 

Before the massive crackdown, a large portion of the Bitcoin network’s hash power was located in China. China was very favorable to crypto miners due to its cheap electricity, especially in facilities close to the hydroelectric dams. With most Bitcoin miners located in China, the crackdown has had a considerable effect on the market, being the reason for the massive dump of the crypto in May. 

Anonymous explained that the miners in China had to sell a lot of their Bitcoins to cover expenses to move their infrastructure. The selling pressure created a downward movement in the market. Although the crackdown was targeted at Bitcoin, other crypto-assets recorded negative growth because they still follow the trajectory of Bitcoin.

The situation is temporary

According to Anonymous, the situation in the market is temporary as miners have begun moving to Kazakhstan and other countries. As the price tanks, institutional investors are also buying the dip on Over-The-Counter (OTC) platforms. On OTCs, large investors can buy without raising the prices. The hacker group understands that though these are private sales that happen on the exchange, it takes crypto out of circulation which will lead to a massive price spike once the market factors in the additional scarcity. 

Anonymous also mentioned that there is hope for the market. According to them, the markets have levelled out and is now moving sideways. This means the prices move up and down on the price curve. Overall, the price stays within a close range, which is known as consolidation. 

This is a positive sign of the market, and the reason many crypto experts have predicted a rally by the end of July and August.

Anonymous announces “Anon Inu” to wage war against China

We believe that crypto is about to get started, so we have released ‘Anon Inu token.’ This token is a new Decentralized Finance (Defi) community token with various built-in utilities.

According to them, the token will fight Tesla’s Elon Musk in a meme war, and China in a crypto war. The Anon Inu token holders will regularly be airdropped free tokens, NFTs, and other prizes. The team will also donate a portion of their earnings to animal shelters to help dogs. Token holders will also receive a free Anon Inu profile pic NFT. 

They, therefore, cautioned their followers to only use the verified products. 

More details of the NFT drop will be coming. Only use verified tokens and products. There are many imitators who will likely capitalize on the Anon name.

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